How to get FREE Office 365 for Student Gmail

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FREE Office 365 is one of good benefits of Microsoft for Schools and Students. With one edu email, you may get Office softwares/apps for PC or use them directly via web browser, 1 Tb/ 5 Tb OneDrive and so on. Let’s start to get it.

Step 1. Sign up in Microsoft Office 365 for Schools & Students

Visit Here to start. Then Enter your school email address and GET STARTED

Step 2. Get verification code

Go to your Edu mailbox, copy verification code for next step.

Step 3. Fill the form to sign up

Enter random first name and last name (better real), password, verification code from step 2 (if you did not get code, you can click on resend signup code to get it again), select country then click Start to finish.

Step 3. Enjoy Office 365 Free

If you want to check OneDrive‘s storage metrics , click on OneDrive icon, you will be redirected to OneDrive page → click on Setting icon → OneDrive settings → More Settings → Storage Metrics

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