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Open a browser, visit Outlook page for Edu Email Outlook login or Gmail page for Edu Email Gmail login and enter your email address (e.g. [email protected]) and password (sometime will have to enter username/student ID more).

Edu Email Gmail Login

Yes, You can now access your email from any device, including Android, iPad, and iPhone using the GMail App.

Android instructions
iPad/iPhone instructions (example)

Remember, even if you have an existing GMail account associated with your device, you can easily add an additional account via the options within the GMail App.

Edu Email Outlook Login

IOS Devices

  • On your device, open Settings, then tap Mail, Contacts, Calendar
  • Tap Add Account…
  • Tap Exchange
  • Enter the following:
    • Email address – [email protected]
    • Password – Email Password
    • Description – How you want it to display on your device
  • Tap Next
  • In the Server field, enter outlook.office365.com
  • Leave domain blank
  • In the username field, enter your email address
  • Tap Next
  • Select the features you would like to synchronize with your iOS device.
  • Tap Save

Android Devices
*Process and navigation may vary depending on device and version of Android*

  • Open account settings and select to add a new account.
  • Tap Exchange ActiveSync.
  • Enter your student email address: [email protected]
  • Enter your student email password.
  • Tap Next.

(Note: Most Android devices support auto configuration and will enter in the required server information for you. If auto configuration fails, please see Manual setup instructions below.)

If prompted, select to allow remote security administration.

Continue configuring your phone and features per your preferences and tap Next.

Give the account a name or keep the default provided and tap Done.

  • Warranty period: find on the product’s page.
  • For edu email address: it can work for 1-2 years, sometime 3-4 years, if you will not violate Google/Microsoft policies (spam, storing contents that violates copyrights, etc.). We will replace if your edu email works less than 1 year.

Some domains require US ip to be used (otherwise you won’t be able to login, or the account will be locked quickly), we will note you when sending you accounts. But in general, you should use VPN to switch to US ip for every use, as most of our email edu is from US universities/colleges. We recommend the free Windscribe service.

We recently implemented a product preference update. Now, you can choose the package that suits your needs and costs.

Random name: pre-created accounts, meaning that the full name was be generated randomly.
Custom name: accounts that are created after an order is placed, allowing you to specify the first and last name for the account or license as desired.
Receiving: The mailbox is capable of receiving mail from organizations or companies in addition to school mail.
Sending: The mailbox have the capability to send mail to individuals, organizations, or companies outside of the school’s addresses.

Hopefully the update does not make it difficult for you to choose. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

  • For edu email – custom name, we need up to 7 bussiness days.
  • For edu email – random name and other products – both custom and random name: if stock is ready, we will send the account immediately when online.

We are available online 24/7, but there may be times when we are experiencing high volume. We kindly ask for your patience and assure you that we will process your order as soon as possible.

If you have completed payment using cryptocurrency and the payment status remains pending, or if you receive an email indicating that your order has failed, please send us a message via Telegram or Whatsapp with proof of payment. We recommend using only one messaging platform to contact us. Thank you!

If you have not received your product after the expected delivery time (usually 12 hours to 1 day), please check your mailbox or Spam folder. It’s possible that details about the account we sent you may be in there. If you still haven’t received your account, please reach out to us via Telegram or Whatsapp and we will investigate the issue promptly. Thank you for your cooperation.

We often send products via emails. In addition, we also have some contact channels in case you want to ask for more information about the product or solve problems during the ordering process, like Telegram, Whatsapp, Fb Messenger, Vkontact, Skype and Viber. But you better contact us via Telegram or Whatsapp for fastest response.
And please con tact us via ONLY 1 platform, thanks.

You can JOIN WAITLIST. We will send you an email notification when that product is back in stock.